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Precision MI Nuts for Milwaukee Routers

  • Steel : SCM440
  • H.R.C. 45-52
  • Surface Roughness: Ra 1.6um
  • balanced to G2.5 for 24,000 RPM's
  • TIR (with MI UP collet) < 0.0002" (0.005mm)
  • must be used with Think & Tinker MIPG-5600 collets and spanners
Precision MI Nut

Milwaukee compatible spanner
  • Steel : SCM430
  • H.R.C. 38-42
  • Surface Roughness: Ra 1.6um
  • Deburred & free of sharp edges & corners
  • Black powder coated with rubber grip
  • must be used with Think & Tinker MIPG-5600 nuts
  • purely tangential tightening torque
  • no radial nut distortion
  • low profile to accommodate step-shank tools
  • secure, no-slip design
Compatible with:

Milwaukee families
  • 5615 (all configurations)
  • 5616 (all configurations)
  • 5619 (all configurations)
  • 5625 (all configurations)
NOTE: These nuts and wrenches MUST be used with Think & Tinker collets! They will NOT work with the collets that are supplied with your router.

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MIPG-5600-NUT  Collet nut for Milwaukee 5600 family compatible collets (balanced to G2.5 @ 24KRPM)   $19.95 
MIPG-5600-TLN  Talon© Spanner (for MIPG-5600-NUT collet nut )   $12.95 
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