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Precision Collet Kits

Dewalt 611 Compatible Collet Kits

  Compatible with:
    Dewalt family
  • DWP611. 26200 (all configurations)
    Porter-Cable family
  • 450 (all configurations)
These routers will only work with continuity style
touch-off gages (used for setting tool height)
that clip to the collet nut or tool shank!!
  • Steel : SUJ 2
  • H.R.C. 45-52
  • Surface Roughness: Ra 0.5um
  • Internal hole by boring machine.
  • Collet Tolerance Grades:(read the Collet Selection tutorial)
    • EP (extreme-precision grade) TIR < 0.0001in (0.0025mm), TIR @ 1.0in. < 0.0002in.
    • UP (ultra-precision grade) TIR < 0.0002in (0.005mm)
    • PG (precision grade) TIR < 0.0004in (0.01mm)
    • SG (standard grade) TIR < 0.0006in (0.015mm)
  • Degree of concentricity exceeds the DIN standard. 100% examined
  • contains the collets, wrench, nut, and spindle cleaner you need to get started immediately
  • substantial savings over purchasing the individual components
  • low noise operation
  • longer tool life
  • more accurate cutting and higher kerf fidelity
  • compatible with carbide microtools
  • low TIR means less wear and tear on spindle bearings

Nut-Collet Crossection
Based on the  ER Spring-Collet / Nut architecture, the Think & Tinker family of precision collets and nuts was designed to bring the precision  and flexibility of expensive high frequency spindles to low-cost, consumer and professional grade routers.

The snap-together design and eccentric extraction ring prevents collets from sticking or binding in the tapered spindle bore. Tool removal is consistently easy.

The internal bore of each collet is preloaded to lightly grip the shank of a bit when it is inserted, preventing tools from falling out or shifting while the nut is being tightened.  Please read Working with ER Nuts and Collets.

The requirement that each collet be individually certified means that orders containing
Ultra-Precision and Extreme-Precision collets and collet-kits
may not meet our normal "within one busines day" shipping target

Kits: Precision-

Kits: Ultra-

Kits: Extreme-

Nuts &

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DEPG-0611-4KIT  Dewalt 611 Precision-Grade Collet Kit (contains 1/4in. PG collet, collet nut, Talon® spanner wrench and 118 ml of ColletCare)   $74.05    Sale Price: $62.95 
DEPG-0611-84KIT  Dewalt 611 Precision-Grade Collet Kit (contains 1/8in. & 1/4in. PG collets, collet nut, Talon® spanner wrench, calibration blank and 118 ml of ColletCare)   $98.00    Sale Price: $83.95 
DEPG-0611-8KIT  Dewalt 611 Precision-Grade Collet Kit (contains 1/8in. PG collet, collet nut, Talon® spanner wrench, calibration blank and 118 ml of ColletCare)   $74.05    Sale Price: $62.95 
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