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1/2 in. (12.7mm) OD Precision Collet Reducer

  • Architecture: 8-leaf, interleaved spring form
  • Steel: SAE 4130
  • Hardness: HRC 46 - 52
  • Surface Roughness: Rz 2.5
  • Internal hole by boring machine
  • Reducer Tolerance Grades:(read the Collet Selection tutorial)
    • EP (extreme-precision grade) TIR < 0.0001in (0.0025mm), TIR @ 1.0in. < 0.0002in.
    • UP (ultra-precision grade) TIR < 0.0002in (0.005mm)
    • PG (precision grade) TIR < 0.0004in (0.01mm)
    • SG (standard grade) TIR < 0.0006in (0.015mm)
1/2" Collet Reducer
  • Collet reducers ALWAYS increase TIR!
  • Collet reducers will NOT improve the runout of a spindle or router!

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