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ColletCare Spindle Cleaner and Lubricant

Son of ColletCare® (SOC) has been specifically designed to clean and protect the precision-ground tapered bores, tool holders and collets common to most premium high-speed spindles and routers. Comprised of a solvent, light lubricant, corrosion inhibitors and a proprietary mixture of PTFE and boron nitride, SOC cleans, conditions and protects. With regular use, SOC will help reduce wear, prevent the buildup of gummy deposits, minimize collet seizing and virtually eliminate bit loading problems.

ColletCare +P+®is a slightly more viscous formulation of SOC with enhanced anti-corrosion properties. It uses the same PTFE/boron nitride colloid with modifications to improve its adhesion and retention at higher operating temperatures.


Tutorial - Spindle Maintenance with ColletCare®

ColletCare Spindle Cleaner / Lubricant

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