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ME Lube - Mechanical Etching Lubricant and Coolant

PreciseBits ME Lube is a proprietary mixture of lubricants, high-pressure surfactants and a mild detergent specifically formulated for mechanically etching printed circuits boards (PCBs). Applied as an "encapsulating layer" (see video), ME Lube significantly reduces the formation of potentially hazardous micron and sub-micron sized airborne particulates common when cutting features in PCBs or machining G-10 and FR4 substrates. The lubricants and surfactants provide cooling and reduced cutting resistance, yielding extended cutter life, reduced burr formation and the minimization of chips and shorts.

A 15ml bottle will coat both sides of a 4 in. by 6 in. (102mm X 152mm) PCB substrate.


  • Viscosity: < 1.5 cps
  • Flammability: 0 (aqueous solution)
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS, PDF)


  • Smoother, cleaner cutting for better circuit isolation
  • Reduces lifting of small circuit features
  • Extends tool life
  • Significantly reduces airborn particulate formation
  • Easily removed with hot tap water

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