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Diamond-cut Router Bits (RCD08) - (drill-point, 0.1250" shank)

  • Geometry - diamond-cut flutes, 1/8in. (3.18 mm) shank, drill-point
  • Length - 1.5in. ±0.010 in.
  • Diameter - nominal +0.000 in., -0.002 in.
  • Max runout (TIR) - < 0.0005 in.
  • Max. depth of cut - EFL varies by diameter ±0.005 in.
  • Anticipated Life - anticipated life: 3,000 linear in. (FR4 epoxy glass)
  • Material - solid submicrograin carbide
  • Ring Set - 0.800 in. ±0.002 in. (optional)
  • Operating RPM - CNC certified operation 20k RPM to 60k RPM
Carbide diamond-cut router bits for PCB contouring, PCB depaneling, carbon fiber contouring and composite cutting
LPKF and T-Tech users must specify the make and model number of their CNC routers to insure that the rings are properly positioned!

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Depth setting ring
Item # Description Unit Price Depth Ring Enter Qty.
RCD08-0315-020D  0.80mm (1/32", 0.0315"), drill point diamond cut router bit, 0.197 in. DOC   $4.77    Sale Price: $3.46   
RCD08-0433-028D  0.0433" (1.10mm) 1/8 in. shank, diamond cut, up cutting, drill point carbide router, 0.256 in. max DOC   $4.77    Sale Price: $3.46   
RCD08-0625-032D  0.0625" (1.59mm) drill-point, diamond cut, up cutting carbide router, 0.315 in. max DOC, 1/8 in. shank   $4.77   
RCD08-0748-032D  1.900mm, drill point diamond cut router bit, 0.315 in. DOC   $4.75   
RCD08-0938-039D  3/32" (0.0938in) drill point diamond cut router bit, 0.387 in. DOC   $4.77    Sale Price: $3.46   
RCD08-1004-039D  0.1004" (2.55mm) drill-point, diamond cut, up cutting, carbide router, 0.394 in. max DOC   $4.77   
RCT08-0787-028D  2.00mm (0.0787") 1/8 in. shank, drill-point diamond cut Tab-Cutter de-panelling router, 0.280 in. max DOC   $4.77   
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